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IT Consulting
& Services

Our staff has combined experience of 20 years of service in the information technology field and our experts are ready to help you achieve your needs!

Our Services

Core Competencies 

Digitech Solutions LLC can provide IT solutions to federal government agencies and state and local government agencies. Digitech Solutions core services are:

Systems and Network Administration

Systems and Network Administration services designing and implementing of System and Network architecture to host servers and applications.

Network and System Monitoring

Network and System Monitoring services providing the monitoring and maintaining of system and network performance and troubleshooting performance issues.


Cybersecurity services providing solutions and implementing security and technical controls to applications, networks, and systems..

Application and System Development

Application and System Development services providing designing and coding services following the software development life cycle process.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering services providing requirements gathering, analysis, and design of the application in development.

Configuration and Performance Engineering

Configuration and Performance Engineering services providing solutions to performance management and configuration change management.

Our Experience

With combined experience of 20 years in the IT industry, we decided to expand our expertise to help state and federal governments achieve their goals by providing IT solutions to their problems. Our staff is equipped with experience and tools to help fulfill the needs of our customers. Ask us about:

  • Systems and Network Administration

  • Network and System Monitoring

  • Cybersecurity

  • Application and System Development

  • Systems Engineering

  • Configuration and Performance Engineering

Download our Capability Statement.

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